Total Safety Operation Control

Rigging Brazil Safe Cargo Handling Management

TSOC is the operational safety program developed by Rigging Brasil customized to each organization for cargo handling processes in order to make the processes normatively adequate and with a high standard of safety.

Rigging Brasil offers customized solutions based on the understanding of your company’s pains in cargo and people handling operations. Documentation, training, procedures, creation of routines, change of culture, process management, and identification of gaps are some services performed to meet the organization’s internal needs and aiming at the normative requirements of NR 11, NR 12 and other specific standards to each sector of the organization.

We apply our TSOC management system in the operation and processes involving the following activities/equipment:


The objective of the TSOC Rigging Brasil management system is to develop, together with the customer, a new culture in operations, using engineering methods and processes to help the organization’s professionals to ensure the continuous evolution of cargo handling activities, significantly reducing incidents and injuries, making operations safer, controlled, normative (NR 11 and NR 12) and providing
cost savings.

For each organization, an action plan is applied to help achieve interdependent teams, building and sustaining their own safety cultures.







Why hire TSOC Rigging Brasil consultancy

The cargo and people movement segment is very particular and involves a high risk, needing to be developed by specialists with vast technical and normative knowledge, correctly identifying the opportunities to be suitable to offer a safe work environment.


We present professionals with high knowledge in the field to ensure operational excellence

Multidisciplinary team

In-house team composed of occupational safety engineer, mechanical engineer, technicians and other professionals


Customized solutions to meet the needs of each customer


Develop interdependent teams and a safe environment

From side to side

Services and assistance for all needs during the entire service process: Projects, inspections, tests, maintenance, training, etc.


We offer technological innovations to facilitate and better control processes and ensure management using our own app and software


Accident reduction

Increased productivity

Highest rate of equipment available

Consumption reduction

Rational use of resources

Safer environments

More skilled professionals

Documented processes

Organization's adequacy to ISO 45001 for cargo handling

Organizational culture new level in operational safety

Interdependent teams

Normative adequacy


Apresentamos profissionais com elevado conhecimento na área de atuação para garantir a excelência operacional

Time multidisciplinar

Equipe própria composta por engenheiro de segurança do trabalho, engenheiro mecânico, técnicos e demais profissionais


Soluções customizadas para atender a necessidade de cada cliente


Desenvolver equipes interdependentes e ambiente seguro

De ponta a ponta

Serviços e atendimentos para todas as necessidades durante todo processo de atendimento: Projetos, inspeções, ensaios, manutenção, treinamentos, etc


Oferecemos inovações tecnológicas para facilitar e melhor controlar processos e garantir a gestão utilizando app e software próprio

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